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Making the Websites You Visit Customizable

Personalize Your Online Reading Experience

Making The Websites You Visit Customizable.

​Increase Your Reading Speed, Summarize Articles and Customize Webpages In Just One Click With Readify.

Not Just Another Productivity Tool.

Welcome to Readify, where your online reading experience gets a remarkable upgrade! In a digital world overflowing with information, it's time to seize control and make your reading truly yours. Do you often find yourself drowning in a sea of web articles, struggling to focus on what matters most? Or maybe you simply wish to customize your favorite websites to suit your unique style and preferences? Look no further; Readify is here to transform your digital reading adventures. ​Our powerful browser extension empowers you to tailor your online reading experience with ease. Say goodbye to eye strain, distractions, and the overwhelming chaos of the web. Say hello to a personalized, efficient, and enjoyable way of diving into the vast ocean of online content. With Readify, you're not just reading; you're commanding your digital realm. Dive in, explore our features, and discover a world where online reading becomes an art form. Get ready to make online reading your own, effortlessly. Your journey to a more enjoyable and productive online reading experience starts here, with Readify.


Discover the power of Readify. Our platform offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance your reading experience and most importantly, Your productivity. With Adaptive Reading, AI Summarization, Text-To-Speech, Note taking, Highlighting, and Translating in just a few clicks you can take your web surfing to the next-level.



Adaptive Reading

Readify transforms your online reading experience with its Adaptive Reading tool. Customize web content, adjust line spacing, change bold colors, and more to suit your reading preferences.



Tired of lengthy articles? Readify simplifies your reading by summarizing content quickly. Get key takeaways in seconds and save valuable time.


Add Notes

Take your online reading experience to the next level with Readify's Notes feature. This handy tool allows you to create and manage notes directly on webpages. Whether you're conducting research, studying, or simply want to remember a noteworthy passage, Readify has you covered.



Embrace the world of online content like never before with Readify's Translate feature. Whether you're a language enthusiast, a global traveler, or simply want to expand your horizons, this tool empowers you to read and understand web content in your preferred language.


Add Highlights

Make your mark on the web. Use Readify to highlight essential passages, take notes, and stay organized while browsing.

How it Works

Meet Readify, The all-in-one solution for efficient online reading

Personalize Your Online Reading Experience.

Download Extension

Click Extension Bar (Top Right Of Browser

Customize Settings

Chrome extension button

Enable "Study Mode"

Highlight Text On Any Webpage!

Select An Option From The Pop-Up And Enjoy Your New Reading Supertool!

Website after Readify's customizations

Premium Just Feels Better.

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    Readify Plus

    Perfect for students, professionals or those who love reading online articles.
    Free Plan
    • AI Summarization
    • Text To Speech
    • Line Spacing
    • Add Notes
    • Add Highlights
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